Vanilla-1 Translation from HUppaal to Uppaal

Vanilla-1 is a frozen version of a translation of a hierarchical timed automata formalism to a parallel composition of (flat) Uppaal timed automata.
This page collects details of the code, documentation and and the cardiac pacemaker example.

Technical Report

The BRICS Technical Report RS-01-11 contains the formal semantics of HTAs, description of the translation, and the pacemaker example.

XML Grammar

The most recent document type definition for hierachical uppaal is huppaal-1.1.dtd.

Java Documentation

Pacemaker Example

Here you can find all the data concerning the pacemaker example in the technical report.

PHASE III Conflict

This is a very small example to demonstrate, how a phase III conflict is resolved. An outgoing transition of superstate main synchronizes on channel "a" via "a?". Synchronization with its own substates is prevented by replacing this occurrence of "a" by aXCR1 and introducing a copy of "a!" outside main, e.g. in syncDummy.
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