Ok, everyone nowadays has a page like this, usually including comments like:
   .. Java .blabla .. WorldWideWeb... yada yada ... Technology ....
   blubb .... Future ... blabla JAVA .... blabla
Through all this commercials, it took me some time to appreciate the object oriented concepts of the Java language and possibilities. So here is a carefully selected collection of links I found useful in this context:


After all, Java is more than a toy - but playing around with it is what establishes its fun - so have a look at:

A Small Glossary

What annoyed me a bit was Javas fancy for three-word abbreviations, that are obviously designed to confuse me. I listed the most common ones here. HAve a look at the Acronym Database if in doubt.
   API : Application Program Interface - the cabels and connectors between your program and the rest of the world
   AWT : Abstract Window Toolkit       - the collection of Java classes connecting to the GUI
   BDK : Beans Development Kit         - a tool supporting Java software components (aka beans)
   FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions    - a compendium to the most common answers to the most common problems
   FTP : File Transfer Protocol        - used to snarf (usually big) lumps of data over the net
   GUI : Graphical User Interface      - i.e. basically your screen and your mouse ;)
   HTML: HyperText Markup Language     - the language, e.g. this document is written in
   HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol   - the (standardized) way your browser reads most network data
   JAR : Java ARchive tool             - a nice archiver in PKZIP style, who can also do some more...
   JDB : Java DeBugger                 - a part of the JDK; command line based and nasty
   JDI : Java Debugger Interface       - a package, com.sun.jdi, containing mirrors for values, types and the JVM itself
   JDE : Java Development Enviroment   - (for Emacs) a collection of packages helping you writing/organizing/debugging Java - in case you like Emacs 
   JDK : Java Development Kit          - the package including compiler, interpreter, JAR and more
   JNI : Java Native Interface         - this allows you to include e.g. calls to C++ functions in your Java code
   JRE : Java Runtime intErpreter      - can be used to run Java applications
   JFC : Java Foundation Classes       - the replacement/extension of the AWT from Java 1.2 on
   JVM : Java Virtual Machine          - a specification how all Java code has to be interpreted 
   SDK : Software Development Kit      - (here) the JDK bundle; sounds cool, doesn't it?
  SGML : Standard Generalized Markup L.- mother of all markup languages 
 XHTML : eXtebsible HTML               - an XML-compliant modification of HTML
   XMI : XML Metadata Interchange      - translation from one XML grammar to another
   XML : eXtensible Markup Language    - like HTML where you define your own tags

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