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Oli's utility scripts

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This is free software. No copyrights attached.

No guarantees on performance or safety of these utilities is given; in particular, they might need some adjusting before they work properly in your environment.

Feel free to copy, fix, and improve the utilities found on this page. I'd appreciate it, if proper credit (blame?) of these scripts is maintained within the code, also you are welcome to send me comments.

Only one thing should be a MUST: make your improvements available to others.

BASH Scripts

shufflea5 ofixps printads printmailads ps2bmp ps2gif split2toast

SH Scripts

EMACS Lisp Utilities

filexec demo tocedit frame-toggle

PERL Scripts

(La)TeX helpers

chopurl blankidx

Java programs

Nicky Crypter Ompo

Javascript Sniplets

Google Topdomain

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