Some Quotes from CAV '97

  • "I'm a chemical engineer; I've been trained that, if it doesn't involve a partial differential equation, it is not a solution" (Gary Powers, CMU)

  • "There is no such thing as a correct system." (Bob Kurshan, Bell Labs)

  • "Formally verify everything!" (B. Brennan, Intel)

  • "We have to cross the abstraction gap." (N. Shankar, SRI)

  • "Expectations are low that there will be enough right educated personnel the next 5 years." (B. Brennan, Intel)

  • "I'm certainly hiding something. That's why I work at Intel."(B. Brennan, Intel)

  • "I've prepared a slide that contains everything I know about the future of model checking." [puts on an empty slide] (N. Shankar, SRI)

  • "After it has gone wrong, people pay more attention." (Gary Powers, CMU)

  • "Due to a momentary lack of creativity, we called it NDDs." (S. Yovine, Verimag)

  • "(About large model checking proofs:) Run it on the weekend." (David Harel)

  • "In every family there is a dark little secret (...) In model checking it's the 'bad cycle'." (R.H. Hardin, Bell Labs)

  • "PCI is transcendental - which was not clear at first." (Gerard Berry)

  • "This approach (VeriSoft) wouldn't work without using partial-order methods." (Patrice Godefroid)
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